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Classicbet is Australia's first Premium Betting Agency! 100% Australian Owned and Operated.

With some of the most generous bonuses in the Industry, Classicbet gives you every reason to come back for more.

Classicbet has a huge selection of products available, making it one of the best sites to bet on racing in Australia:

Best of the Best Premium (BOB) - Available on most metro gallop meetings, this product is available on most metro gallops in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and SA, Dividends are paid at the best of either, "Best of 3 Australian TAB prices" or the "Official On-Course Best Fluctuation". 

Bets must be placed 30 minutes prior to the advertised starting time as displayed on the Classicbet website.

Best Tote Plus SP - Available on every Australian gallop meeting.

This product is available on every Gallop meeting in Australia. It pays the the best of either the "Best of the 3 Australian TAB Prices" or the "Official On-Course Starting Price (SP)". SP only applies to the Win Portion of the bet. For Place bets and Each-Way bets the place portion is paid at middle tote.

Best of 2 Totes - Available on selected metro greyhound and harness meetings.

This product is the better of the dividend declared by either NSW TAB or the Victorian Super TAB. For Place bets and Each-Way bets the place portion is paid at middle tote.

Middle Tote - Available on country greyhound and harness meetings.

This product is the middle dividend of the 3 Australian TAB prices.

Win Tote + 5% - available on all overseas meetings except in Europe and America.

Classicbet will pay a dividend 5% higher than the Victorian TAB (STAB) (On profit portion of dividend, not stake). For Place bets and Each-Way bets the place portion is paid at middle tote.

Best Fluctuation - Available on metro gallop meetings.

This product is the Best Price declared by the official On-Course Bookmakers Fluctuations. This option is available until the horse shortens on selected race meetings. For Place bets and Each-Way bets the place portion is paid at middle tote.

Fixed Odds - Available on all meetings

Fixed Win & Place odds are available on the Classicbet website and once confirmed are not subject to fluctuation.

Exotics - Available on all meetings.

All Racing exotics (Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, First Four and Quadrella) are paid at the dividend declared by the Victorian TAB (STAB).

MultiBets - Available on all meetings.

A MultiBet (All-Up Bet) is the combination of numerous single bets which multiply the individual odds creating the total dividend. Classicbet accepts MultiBets from 2-20 legs including a combination of Racing and Sports.

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Do you want an all-new betting experience, with the best odds across a huge variety of sport and racing markets? If you answered yes, head over and open an account at Neds today – Australia's newest online bookie!  

Neds has quickly found a strong position within a crowded market place, having listened to the call of punters who wanted something new and improved in their betting experience.

There's already a host of lucrative and unique features which separate Neds from the rest; the lucrative Bet Boost function which allows punters to increase their potential windfall on a race of their choice and Multi Builder, to name only a couple.

The Neds Punters Toolbox Has Arrived in Time For Spring!

Give your punters the best chance of a lucrative Spring Carnival campaign with the Neds Punters Toolbox: the only place punters can find all the tools they need to give their bets an edge. 

The Neds Punters Toolbox contains the betting functions Jump Off, Backup, Fluc Up and Price Boost, all of which are now live on the Neds app. They are serious tools for serious punters. 

Neds punters can enjoy refunds and stakes of up to $500 when they utilize any of the tools in the Neds Punters Toolbox, while a max bet of $1000 can be placed with Price Boost. A detailed preview of each product, including function and application can be found below. 

Jump Off

Jump Off allows punters to cancel their single fixed-odds win bet on any eligible Australian or New Zealand thoroughbred race, after the race has started. If you don't think your horse is going to win, simply Jump Off your bet before the timer ends!

How it works: 

1) Navigate To Race Field and Expand 'My Bets This Race' – If you've placed a bet on an eligible race, the 'Jump Off' Icon will appear above the main field in the 'My Bets This Race' module. Click 'My Bets This Race' to view the bets you can Jump Off.

2) Once Your Race Begins, The Jump Off Timer Starts – As soon as your chosen race has started, the timer will begin and the 'Jump Off' button will appear below each eligible bet that you have placed.   

3) It's Time To Jump Off – Click the Jump Off button designated to the eligible bet of your choice. Select 'Confirm' and you have successfully Jumped Off.  

4) You Jumped Off, Bet Stake Returned – You have jumped off your bet and your full stake will be returned as soon as the race result is settled. 


Backup allows punters to select a second runner as extra insurance to their fixed-odds win bet on any eligible Australian or New Zealand thoroughbred race. Back one horse and select a second as your Backup, and if your original bet finishes second to your Backup runner, you'll receive your stake back up to $500. 

How it works: 

1. Place Your Fix Win Bet With Quick Slip Or Bet Slip – Select the runner that you would like to back and enter your stake into the bet slip, as per usual.

2. Select Your Backup Runner, Choose Wisely – Click the 'Back Up' button located towards the top of your bet slip and select the runner that you would like as your Backup.

3. Back Up Selected, Bet Ready To Be Placed With A Second Chance – With your Backup runner selected, it's now time to confirm your bet. Click the Place Bet button at the bottom of your bet slip.

4. Keep An Eye One Your Backup Bet In Pending Bets And Bet Statement – Your Backup runner will appear in blue below your first selection, in your list of pending bets and your bet statement.

Fluc Up

Fluc Up allows punters to take advantage of an increased fluctuation in the market, after they have placed a bet on an eligible Australian or New Zealand thoroughbred race. If the fixed odds drift after your bet is placed, Fluc Up can be used to lock in the next highest quote. 

How it works: 

1. Place Your Fixed Win Bet, You Have 5 Minutes To Fluc Up Your Odds – After backing your runner, navigate to your pending bets. You will have 5 minutes to Fluc Up your potential windfall.

2. Select Fluc Up, Lock In Higher Odds – Expand the Fluc Up module on your eligible racing bet and the inflated price will be displayed. Click the Fluc Up button once more to confirm. 

3. See Your Fluc'd Up Odds In Your Pending Bets – Your Fluc Up is now confirmed and your increased odds will be visible in your pending bets.

Price Boost

Price Boost allows punters to take advantage of an inflated quote on any fixed-odds runner of their choosing, on eligible races. 

How it works: 

1. Add a runner to your bet slip.

2. Click the Price Boost button and see the price increase.

3. Input your staking amount and place your bet (Max bet $1,000).

4. Check the bet slip is correct and confirm your bet.

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